Coaches On the Hot Seat

hot seatHOT SEAT 2017

The NFL coaches on the hot seat heading into the 2017 season…


#10 – Mike Mularkey, TEN
Hired in 2015, 27W – 46L (.370)
mike mularkey
Coach Mularkey has stud QB and developing young team, but his conservative coaching style isn’t a fit for today’s NFL.  Unless he’s fundamentally changed his view on the game, it’s going to quickly be apparent that he isn’t the man to take Mariota and the Titans to the level they should be.


#9 – Sean Peyton, NO
Hired in 2006, 94W – 66L (.588)
Feels like this coaching stint has run it’s course.  Sean is brilliant offensively, but the Saints’ defense has been dreadful for years.  With Brees on the tail end of a HOF career, one more season of opposing offenses lighting up the scoreboard might finish Peyton’s run in the Big Easy.


#8 – Bill O’Brien, HOU
Hired in 2014, 27W, 21L (.563)
BOB got out from under that horrific QB disaster named Brock, which certainly saved him from being canned this season or next, but O’Brien’s not out of the woods.  The Texans have a championship defense and a slow start or a stumble down the stretch, missing the playoffs would be bad for coach Bill.


#7 – Jay Gruden, WAS
Hire in 2014, 21W – 26L – 1T (.448)
Impatient owner, Dan Snyder has to be looking at his short list of coaching candidates as he always is… with every other NFC East team improving their team this offseason, it’s going to be a tough road for the Redskins to win the division.  The never-ending lack of commitment to Cousins is curious too.  I don’t get a good vibe from my favorite team.


#6 – Jim Caldwell, DET
Hired in 2014, 53W – 43L (.552)
jim caldwell
The perpetual look of confusion doesn’t exude confidence for the players or ownership and one more season of mediocrity should put a finish to this mediocre coach.  His only saving grace is that the Ford’s are used to mediocrity and might not even notice how bad his is.


#5 – Marvin Lewis, CIN
Hired in 2003, 113W – 94L – 3T (.545)
Never has one man done so little for so many…  one final season of missing the playoffs or a one and done exit should put an end to this uninspiring 15 year run.  I really like Marvin, but it’s over.


#4 – John Fox, CHI
Hired in 2015, 9W – 23L (.409)
john fox
Only three years in as Bears head man, but 14 games under .500 has the seat more than warm for coach Fox.  With either Mike Glennon or rookie Mitchell Trubisky under center, it appears to be another long year.  How much more can the fans and McCaskey’s take?


#3 – Hue Jackson, CLE
Hired in 2016, 9W – 23L (.281)
Hue seemed destined to be fired from the minute he took the job.  It doesn’t feel good to talk about now that all signs are pointing up, but the truth is another season or two of <4 wins could spell the end.  One more season and drafting Sam Darnold could save Jackson, but if he really thinks Kessler is the future…. it was nice knowing you, Hue.


#2 – Chuck Pagano, IND
Hired in 2012, 49W – 31L (.613)
chuck pagano
If not for health, Pagano’s time would have been over in Indianapolis.  In a division so easily won with a franchise QB and average defense, the Colts have mired in back to back 8 and 8 seasons.  Without a division title and maybe a playoff win, Pagano is done.


#1 – Todd Bowles, NYJ
Hired in 2015, 17W – 18L
Todd Bowles
One of my favorite players from back in the day, but the Jets are a disaster that almost no coach could survive.  No franchise QB on the roster, no stud RB to take pressure off the QB and defense and a stable of inexperience at WR means scoring will be difficult.  The defense is solid, but I see a bunch of game where the Jets are outscored by 20+ points.  A top three pick in the 2018 NFL draft and a new coach is almost certain.